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Turning Point Academy

The Turning Point Academy is a blended learning program designed for students whose circumstances do not allow them to attend school in a regular schedule from 7:20 AM to 2:50 PM. This may be due to work schedule, family responsibility, child-care concern, or any related situations. Instead of the typical schedule of school, TPA students attend school from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM and they are expected to continue working on their online modules outside of school to compensate for the number of actual hours of direct instruction.

An ideal TPA student:
S       -  has a Strong character who lead by example and learn independently;
T       -  is Tenacious;
A       -  has Audacious vision of him/herself;
L       -  is Levelheaded amidst challenges and difficulties;
L       -  is a Lifelong learner;
I        -  is Intrinsically motivated to achieve academically;
O      -  shows Outstanding work in spite of challenges;
N      -  has Novel ways of solving a problem.

Overall, TPA is for students who have demonstrated clearly their desire to obtain a regular high school diploma delivered in an innovative way, in spite of their socio-economic circumstances or situations. TPA prospective students have to show a positive attitude and consistency in performing well in class before being admitted into the program. Once admitted, students have to maintain a specific academic standing in order to be given the privilege to remain in the program.

However, TPA is NOT:

  • for 9th graders who are about to start their high school career;
  • for expelled students;
  • for behaviorally challenged students;
  • for those who refuse to do their work, as this is an output and outcome-based program;
  • an alternative school program.


Six Week Cycle Classes
The TPA will follow a 6-week cycle rotation with three classes each cycle. Thus, TPA students are expected to complete 9 classes per semester and 18 classes per academic year.

Probationary Period:
1.)   All students admitted during the first 6-week cycle will be considered “probationary status”
2.)   Readmission to the second cycle will be subject to the evaluation based on their performance during the first 6-week cycle.
3.)   A student has to meet the expected number of courses completed in order to remain in the program.
4.)  Students who do not pass three classes in a cycle will be given a probationary status. However, if a student will be on probationary status for two consecutive cycles, he/she will be automatically disqualified for the blended-learning program privilege.
5.)   Once a student is on “probationary status”, he/she will receive a written warning and notification to parents.
6.)   Students have to bring their guardian or parents during the Parent’s Night on August 12, 2019, for them to understand the expectations from you when given this privilege of a blended-learning program. 
7.)   Waitlisted students will take the place of those who are disqualified from the program and new student applicants will be admitted in August and January every year.

Goal Setting and Progress Monitoring
1.)   In this blended-learning program which is output and outcome-based, students direct their own learning with minimal teacher-directed instruction. Thus, students are expected to set their goal for the session at the start of each class (first 5 minutes) and check their own progress toward the end of class (last 5 minutes).
2.)   Progress monitoring grade will be based on how good the students are in meeting their SMART goal and in demonstrating self-directed learning.

Daily Schedule
1.)   Each day will start with a reflection period where the teacher will facilitate goal setting exercise and self-reflection/evaluation, inspirational stories and show TED talks that will uplift the students’ spirit so they are motivated to do work on their own.
2.)   The reflection period will then be followed by 3 periods of 50 minutes each.
3.)   There will be a 5-minute restroom break in between periods.
4.)   The last 5 minutes of class will be allotted for the accomplishment of the “Daily Log” or progress check. The teacher will then grade their progress monitoring sheet for that session.
5.)   TPA teaching staff will set up a Data Tracking in the classroom which will be updated on a weekly basis. Course completion certificates will be posted during the weekly updates.


Period /Activity

(Ms. Leidel)

(Ms. Leidel)

(Mr. Lauron)

(Mr. Lauron)



Goal Setting
for the Week
(Share to Class)

Ms. Leidl's 

Mr. Lauron’s Reflection

Weekly Progress Evaluation
(Share to Class)


Period 1

Math or Science

Math or Science

Math or

Math or Science


Break 1






Period 2

English or Social Studies

English or Social Studies

English or
Social Studies

English or Social Studies


Break 2






Period 3

Elective Class

Elective Class

Elective Class

Elective Class


Progress Log